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How To Order

Ordering the TASER® X26c package is an easy 2 step process:
1 - Fill out an application.
       Application Form

2 - Upon approval, Place your order.
       Order Package Form

TASER® References

Here is a State by State Summary of what your State's Law says about you having a TASER®.
Download Summary

How Stuff Works - is a great web site that explains in easy terms of how things really work. They have a great article on Stun Guns that can be read here…


TaserSales is an authorized dealer for Taser International Inc., for the sale of the Citizen TASER® X26c in the United States.


  TASER X26C Stun Gun

The TASER® X26c has more stopping power than a .357 Magnum, but it is not lethal. It sends a electrical pulse of energy that overrides the central nervous system. It tells the muscles to contract, thus dropping the assailant harmlessly to the ground. They have no control.



The TASER® has been accepted by more than 10,000 police departments. The TASER® X26c is now available to the citizens of the Untied States. It is not considered a firearm. They are legal to carry in most states without permits including California. A few states do have restriction, please check out the State by State Summary for details.



We offer the Citizen TASER® X26c package for $999.00

This includes everything that you need to be secure:

  • The TASER® X26c
  • 6 Cartridges
  • A training DVD video
  • Carrying Case
  • DPM Battery
  • And a practice target

    Citizen Taser Click on picture for details

    The TASER® X26c is easy to use and easy to obtain. Fill out the application form with your payment and your TASER® will be on the UPS truck after your approval has been completed.


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