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We provide you with the best in non-lethal protection that the you can obtain...
The TASER® X26C and the TASER® C2.
- Please check out the videos of the products and how they have saved lives while offering the safest way to take down an assailant.
- Make your choice from the quality products produced by TASER International.
- And then make your purchase in our Web Store.
is an authorized dealer for TASER International Inc. We are authorized to sell TASER® products to the citizens of the United States.
We are owned by IEG, an International Distributor of TASER® products.
We promote responsible ownership and make every effort to prevent misuse.
TASER® References

Here is a State by State Summary of what your State's Law says about you having a TASER®.
Download Summary

How Stuff Works - is a great web site that explains in easy terms of how things really work. They have a great article on Stun Guns that can be read here…


TaserSales Videos
Here is a collection of videos.
Some are used for sales, all are educational.
Just click on the video to view.
(Note that you will need to have QuickTime to view the videos)
Enjoy !


  TASER C2 Into Video
TaserSales Introducing
Introducing the new TASER® C2.
Personal protection for you.
Size is 4.4 MB
  3/4 Ton Wild Bull Dropped by a TASER
3/4 Ton Wild Bull Brought Down
The TASER® is able to take down a bull.
A true show of power.
Size is 1.9 MB



  TASER Training in Costa Rica
Training In Costa Rica
Entrenamiento en Costa Rica en las noticias de la TV.
Size is 4 MB
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