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How To Order

Ordering the TASER® C2 package is an easy process:
1 - Choose your TASER from the TASER® C2 Web Store.
2 - Send an e-mail with your choice.
3 - We'll contact you to complete your order.
4 - Recieve your TASER® from the UPS delivery.
 (you can purchase your TASER® by COD or by credit card)

Ordering the TASER® X26 package is an easy process:
1 - Fill out and send in your application.
2 - TaserSales will notify you when you are approved.
3 - Using a secure code you can now place your order in the TASER® X26c Web Store.
4 - Recieve your TASER® from the UPS delivery.
 (you can purchase your TASER® by COD or by credit card)

TASER® References

Here is a State by State Summary of what your State's Law says about you having a TASER®.
Download Summary

How Stuff Works - is a great web site that explains in easy terms of how things really work. They have a great article on Stun Guns that can be read here…

TaserSales Policy and Security
Why is a SSN Required?
TASER® products are serious self-defense systems. When you purchase a TASER® X26c we require your birth date and your social security number to validate age and identity of purchasers. This data is validated against credit card information prior to shipment. TaserSales.com will only use this information to perform a background check - we will not share or divulge your information with anyone else.
When you purchase a TASER® C2 from TaserSales we do not require this information. However, there is an activation process with the manufacturer that may require this information.
How Secure is my data?
Your data is secure and will not be released by TaserSales other than for investigation of TASER® units used in the commission of illegal activities. We are committed to responsible sale and distribution of our products to maximize overall public and community safety.
Sales are to United States residents only.
How am I approved?
Purchase of the TASER® X26C must have prior approval obtained before any transaction can occur. This is why you must send us a completed Application Form. This approval is conducted through agents of TASER International Inc.
Purchase of the TASER® C2 does not require any prior approval. TASER International Inc. will process the approval after purchase of the TASER® C2 from TaserSales. This is conducted through a secured web site for a fee of $9.99. TaserSales is not involved in this approval process.
Is TaserSales.com an Authorized Dealer?
International Export Group, Inc. (TaserSales) is an Authorized Dealer for TASER International, Inc.
TASER® devices are not considered firearms by the U.S. government. They can be legally carried (concealed or open) without a permit in 43 states. Prohibited citizen use in DC, HI, MA, MI, RI, NY, NJ, WI & certain cities & counties. CT and IL legal with restrictions. Check local laws on carrying electronic control devices.
The TASER® and the Globe and Lighting Bolt logos are trademarks of TASER International, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
The IEG logo is trademark of International Export Group. All Rights Reserved.
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