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TASER C2 Now Selling!

The Tascer C2 is now available.
We now are shipping your color. Citizen Taser C2 Packages
We provide you with the best in non-lethal protection that the you can obtain...
The TASER® X26C and the TASER® C2.
- Please check out the videos of the products and how they have saved lives while offering the safest way to take down an assailant.
- Make your choice from the quality products produced by TASER International.
is an authorized dealer for TASER International Inc. We are authorized to sell TASER® products to the citizens of the United States.
We are owned by IEG, an International Distributor of TASER® products.
We promote responsible ownership and make every effort to prevent misuse.
TASER® References

Here is a State by State Summary of what your State's Law says about you having a TASER®.
Download Summary

How Stuff Works - is a great web site that explains in easy terms of how things really work. They have a great article on Stun Guns that can be read here…

  We offer the new TASER® C2 package for $349.00

This includes everything that you need for your personal protection:

  • The TASER C2 with integrated laser sight
  • One 15' Air Cartridges
  • A training DVD video
  • A User Manual
  • One Lithium Power Magazine
  • And a Registration Card

  • Activation/Registration required for unit to operate.
    Age and background check will be performed at activation.
    Manufactures activation fee of $9.99 is not included in price.


    TASER C2  
      More Information on the TASER® C2 $349 plus S/H
    Order Now
    Selecting the TASER C2  
    Email your request to sales@TaserSales.com

    The TASER® X26c
    The most powerful Stun Gun you can own!

      TASER X26C Stun Gun

    The TASER® X26c has more stopping power than a .357 Magnum, but it is not lethal. It sends a electrical pulse of energy that overrides the central nervous system. It tells the muscles to contract, thus dropping the assailant harmlessly to the ground. They have no control.



    The TASER® has been accepted by more than 10,000 police departments. The TASER® is now available to the citizens of the Untied States. It is not considered a firearm. They are legal to carry in most states without permits including California. A few states do have restriction, please check out the State by State Summary for details.



    We offer the Citizen TASER® X26c package for $999.00

    This includes everything that you need to be secure:

  • The TASER® X26c
  • 6 Cartridges
  • A training DVD video
  • Carrying Case
  • DPM Battery
  • And a practice target

    Citizen Taser Click on picture for details
      More Information on the TASER X26C

    $999 plus S/H


    Selecting the TASER X26C  

    TASER® energy weapon's are not considered firearms.
    They are legal to carry in most states without permits (including California).
    Restricted from citizen use in MA, RI, NY, NJ, WI, MI, HI, IL and certain cities and counties.
    Must be 18 years or older to purchase.


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