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One of the best Costa Rica Sites is the Costa Rican Times. This is a weekly newspaper, that is published in English, which has one of the largest circulations in Costa Rica.
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We encourage you to read about this "Switzerland of the Americas" land of Costa Rica on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Here you can explore the culture, history, and life style of the tico.
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Not to be outdone, the CIA World Fact Book can give you all of the nitty-gritty details, more than you thought there could be.
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And finaly, the web site of the United States Embassy in the capital city of San Josť.


is an integral part of the Costa Rica economy. One of our key business within the country is assisting with purchasing real estate in Costa Rica. Our central office in San Jose can provide expertise that covers a wide range of services to provide you with the professional service that you may need.

Costa Rica property ownership is very similar to property ownership in the United States. Regardless of your nationality, one can enjoy the same property ownership rights and privileges as the Costa Rican Nationals would enjoy. There is no discrimination or restriction towards foreigners. Our Costa Rica Real Estate agents can deliver full title and ownership rights with secure title registration.


Our Costa Rica real estate collection includes a wide range of properties. There are many mountain estates and upscale properties to suite any dream.



The available Costa Rica property ranges from Large Acreages, Farms, and Commercial Property to that of Beach Properties, Estates, and Condos. What ever you are looking for, we can locate your investment opportunity.

Costa Rica has a democratic republic, similar to the United States, for over 100 years. The most stable in the region. It's economy is booming with expansion in the tech industry, agriculture, and tourism. The tourist come for the beauty and the ideal climate to enjoy all year long.


Maybe your ideal location is a home with a Costa Rica Ocean View where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset every day. Or a Caribbean View to watch the sunrise every day.



Costa Rica has a few properties that you can have proprietary rights all the way up to the surf. But most ocean front property is open and free to the public to enjoy for the first 50 meters. The next 150 meters have some restrictions, mainly to preserver the beauty and environment of the Costa Rica Coastline.


Vast streaches of the Costa Rica coastline are open and undeveloped. Free to enjoy with a constant 78 degrees on both coasts.



Costa Rica is well educated with about 27% of the national budget going towards education. It has 763 miles of coastline. There are over 3 million residence and many speak at least a little english.


From the great estates on the Costa Rica Coastlines to a simple home with a garden, IEG can lead you through a successful real estate transaction.



IEG understand that doing business abroad requires a lot of trust and reliance with the company that is assisting you in your successful real estate purchase. We can make your purchase of real estate in Costa Rica a smooth, secure, and easy purchase. One that will bring you years of enjoyment and profitable investment.


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